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Watch Your Wallet While Winter Shopping – 10 Times to Check

1. In the shopping mall Keep tabs on all possessions while weaving your way through the swarms in the shopping mall. An inner pocket, preferably zipped, is a good place for cards and cash, where no one can see them but you can feel them. If using a bag, hold it tight, hand over clasp, or strap it round your neck and shoulder, front-facing. Now you can enjoy your saunter, but you’ll still need a wary eye.

2. In front of the window display it’s a joy to window-gaze when there are festive displays to feast your eyes on, but remember that thieves will be feasting their eyes on bags and pockets. Don’t stand still for too long, and keep alert.

3. As you watch the busker Street performers add to the seasonal atmosphere, and it’s fun to stand and watch. But while all eyes are on the busker, belongings can go walkies, so keep one eye, or hand, on that wallet. Check who’s around you. Are they unnecessarily close?

4. As you meander through the shops tend to be hot, stuffy and noisy, and the effect can induce drowsiness. Add to that the tempting items for sale, and you could forget all about your valuables for a moment. A moment is all a bag-snatcher needs, so watch for that sleepy feeling and nip out for a breath of air if necessary.

5. In the changing room when trying on a garment in the changing booth, keep your bag, phone and all other low prices products or high priced valuables away from the door and walls, if there is a gap where a hand or foot could slide. When emerging from the booth, arms full of bags and garments, look round to make sure you’ve left nothing behind, and that your belongings are still safely stowed away. You’ll need to take similar care in the public toilets.

6. In the checkout queue Who’s behind you in the queue? Take a glance around to check their proximity. If they’re surprisingly close, step out of the line a little, so that they’ll have to as well if they want to reach your pocket. Standing in a queue can be exhausting at the end of a trawl round the shops, but don’t let tiredness catch you out at the end. Keep alert as you wait.

7. At the checkout Setting out your items on the checkout counter takes concentration. Then there’s your payment card to fumble for, and your packages to balance. Perhaps you have a child in tow and a stroller to manage. With so much to see to, and a queue behind you, it’s easy to forget about those valuables. As for your payment card, it may look safe enough, sitting in the processing slot while you sort yourself out, but it isn’t, of course. Let the queue wait a little longer while you secure all your possessions.

8. When you meet a friend When everyone’s out and about in the pre-Christmas rush, you’re highly likely to bump into someone you know. It’s lovely to stop and chat when that happens, but don’t get too carried away with your chit-chat. Glance around to check there’s no third person in the group.

9. At the café A sit-down in a coffee shop may be just what you need, but don’t flop down on that chair until you’ve found a safe place to stow your phone, cards and money. Your purchases may attract envious eyes, too. Of course you must relax and enjoy your refreshments, but first things must always come first.

10. Back home when you unpack your bags at home, check through your handbag, purse and pockets. If anything is missing, phone the shops where you may have left it, as they may be holding it for you. If your payment card is lost, phone the provider and ask them to cancel it. They will issue a replacement. Take care at all times, but don’t let security worries rule your life. Calm common sense will see you safely round the shops. Remember: most people are trustworthy.

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George Kordosis Article's Source: http://www.articles.ro/watch-your-wallet-while-winter-shopping-10-times-to-check/

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