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Without the invention of brushless servo motors, most of the newer technologies of today would not be able to run in the way that they currently do. They have an efficient and simple design, and are used to make machines run much better and last longer (especially if they are required to operate under intense pressure). As these motors are so new, however, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the motor itself and how it can be used.

One of the biggest benefits associated with the servo motor is that, according to research, it is around 15% more efficient than other types of motors. It is a really clever type of electric engine that utilizes an “error sense”, meaning that it automatically corrects the performance of any mechanism should it sense that it is not performing properly. A great example of a motor with its error sense in action is a car window – the engine controls the windows when winding up or down but, if it senses an obstruction in the way of the glass, it will send through a signal either stopping or reversing the winding. Not only does a servo motor ensure the safety of the machine it is powering, it can help to aid our safety, too.

What is the Brushless Servo MotorThis amazing safety feature is the main reason behind the increasing use of servo motors in a range of industries, but especially in engineering and manufacturing applications. A great example of a motor in action here is a gantry crane – this machine needs to be able to correct its own performance should it encounter any problems, and requires precise movements when moving and lifting overly heavy objects. The introduction of a servo motor also offers an increased speed in completing tasks and the occurrence of less errors (as the engine has been specifically programmed).

Unfortunately, servo motors are not yet being used in more portable devices, and it is believed it will be a number of years before this is possible. If you are looking for a portable electric motor that also offers a similar “error sense” to the one provided by the above engine, you will have to look at brushless DC motors to solve your problems. You will find these sorts of motors in weapons that need to have location co-ordinates programmed into them, for example. But, for a larger machine, such as a car or a crane, a servo motor is definitely the safest option.

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